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We Appreciate Everything

Thank you all so much for your kindness in looking after our little Rosie we appreciate everything. Thank you again so much.

Carol, Bonnie, Jacey and Eve.

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PDSA Clients

At Sunnyfields we wanted to make a difference so we decided that the best way we could do this was by offering PDSA clients a reduced price to make it more affordable for everyone.

We want you to be able to have your loved one(s) returned home to you where they belong.

Unlike other crematoriums (who ask for full payment before collection of your pet) we only ask for a £50 deposit to do this, as we understand how difficult it is to sometimes find full payment at such an awful time.

We are always here to help so please if you need us call us, even if you just need someone to talk to

Below are details of what you will be asked when you contact us to arrange a cremation:-

Your Pet's Name
The most important part of the whole process, as we want to make sure we get your pet's name right.

How Old Your Pet Is
We like to find out as much about your pet as possible, as we love to listen to stories about them and try and get a picture of what they were like.

Which Breed (in the instance of dogs)
This is to help us determine and relay to you what the whole cost of the cremation will be.

Your Personal Details
Your name, address, telephone number and details of where you would like your pets ashes returned to.

Whether you would like a Standard Wooden Casket or Scatter Pouch
We offer a standard wooden casket or a standard scatter pouch as part of our price but you are welcome to choose from our range of other products on our website at an additional cost.

Names for the Memorial Booklet included in the cremation service
We include a memorial folder for you as part of our cremation service, this is totally free of charge to all our clients.

We will ask for the names you would like on the certificate of individual cremation and provide a poem also.

Please Note: If you wish for a personalised poem these are available on our website where we have a selection from which you can choose, personalise and print.

Arranging for your friend to come home:

John will bring your friend home (dependant on postcode), arrange to meet you outside your vets, deliver to an alternative vets, or you are more than welcome to collect your pet from us.

We NEVER post or courier your friend's ashes.

Sunnyfields has no hidden charges.