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We Appreciate Everything

Thank you all so much for your kindness in looking after our little Rosie we appreciate everything. Thank you again so much.

Carol, Bonnie, Jacey and Eve.

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Individual Cremation

  • At Sunnyfields Individual Cremation is the only cremation we offer.
  • We always cremate the same day your friend is either collected or brought to Sunnyfields (although please note we are not allowed to cremate at weekends).
  • We individually lay each pet in our Chapel of Rest prior to cremation.
  • You can also ask us to read out some words of your choice prior to cremation.
  • Special mementos/ toys/bedding/letters from loved ones can be cremated with them just let us know when you speak to us.
  • Photos can be placed alongside your friend.

At Sunnyfields our priority is treating your loved one as we would our own. We know how unique and special every friend is to their owner.

Your loved one is treated with dignity throughout the cremation procedure from the time they spend with us until they are safely back home.

We want you to feel confident that we will look after your friend from beginning to end.

We hold permits from Defra and the Environment Agency so not only are we governed by strict legislation but by our own stringent checks to ensure that the ashes you receive back are solely those of your loved one.

To underline this (and for your peace of mind) we give you a certificate of Individual cremation within your memorial folder.

When your loved one has been cremated we will place the ashes in a Casket or Scatter Pouch for you to take home to either keep indoors in a treasured location, or for you to scatter in a meaningful place, special to you and your departed friend.

Ashes of your loved one can be collected within 48 hours of cremation (Weekdays) or 72 hours if you are bringing your loved one at a weekend. Personal delivery to your home will be within one week of cremation.