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We Appreciate Everything

Thank you all so much for your kindness in looking after our little Rosie we appreciate everything. Thank you again so much.

Carol, Bonnie, Jacey and Eve.

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Our Charities

Lora & Nora

Sunnyfields are also proud to be sponsoring a brother and sister from Mbingo Cameroon called Lora and Nora.

These two children are twins, who have lost both their parents. Their father died three years ago from tuberculosis and only two weeks ago their mother passed away from Asthma.

These children are 9 years old!

They currently live in a mud shack, sharing a bed with each other, something that you would not hear about in the UK.

They also share this shack with five other people, who are not relatives, but people who are doing their very best in poor conditions.

We really do not know how lucky we are living in such a vibrant country where medical services are free, we see doctors when needed, and we buy food from just down the road from our houses. We have running water, electricity for light, gas for cooking and heating our houses.

Although going through all this, these children are one of the lucky ones who attend school gaining an education. Our sponsorship will hopefully help them continue with this and help support their caretakers who are already doing an amazing job.

Although Sunnyfields supports Lora and Nora on a monthly basis, this just helps with a little with their food and bare essentials.

So if you would like to make a difference to these children, you can make a donation by either sponsoring or giving a gift, such as pens, pencils, books etc. You can post them to Sunnyfields and we will make sure that Lora and Nora receive every one.

Thank you.

Dogs Trust

Sunnyfields has been donating to The Dogs Trust since 2000. And here's why…

The Dogs Trust in the UK's largest dog welfare charity and in 2012 they cared for over 16,000 dogs. As the Dogs Trust never put a healthy dog to sleep they stay safe until such time they can be re-homed. Thankfully most of the dogs find a loving new home, but there are those that need that little extra care.

Unfortunately the Dogs Trust is reliant on the generosity of the public, and by Sunnyfields donation every month, we know we are helping just that little bit to make each dog have a better life.

With over 14,000 stray and abandoned dogs in their care, at any one time they really need the help. The Dogs Trust does not receive any government grants or funding and are totally reliant on the generosity of YOU, the public.